Testosterone Replacement

Routine Blood Work

Blood Work is performed prior and seven weeks into program. From there labs are done every 3-6 months.

What we look for

Initial blood work is used to determine eligibility of treatment. We determine if cause of low testosterone is a primary or secondary condition. Then proper protocol and dosage is administered.


We provide options for testosterone delivery based on individual needs.

Testosterone Cypionate




Hcg is used to prevent Testicular atrophy 

Estrogen Control

Anastrozole is used to control high levels of estrogen. Anastrozole works by blocking the enzyme aromatase, which converts excess testosterone to estrogen.

Symtoms of Low T

  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Mood Swings, Depression and Low Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Decreased strength
  • Weight gain